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Do eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes?

The biggest myth is that lash extensions ruin your own lashes. They do not. If applied correctly and properly, they are safe and do not ruin the health of your natural lashes. Be sure not to rub your eyes or tug or pull on the extensionsbecause this can cause lash loss and even damage to your natural lashes.

How do you take care of eyelash extensions?

Very gently rub your eyelid and avoid rubbing your lashes. When you need to clean your lashes, use your lash wand and gently brush through your lashes. Omit Oil Based Products: Any skin care products, creams or cosmetics that are oil based are a 'no-no' when it comes to lash extensions.

How to manage the upkeep?

If you want to keep your lashes for as long as possible, you need to show them some love. This means you need to brush them daily with a spoolie, avoid getting them wet and don’t rub your eyes. Also, whenever you take your makeup off, be as gently as possible and try to use a makeup wipe or a cotton bud with a milk cleanser. Avoid oil-based cleansers, as the oil will loosen the glue and cause your lashes to fall off prematurely. Try not to sleep on your face either, as this will also result in premature fallout.

How should i prepare for my appointment?


The Pre Appointment Prep

After you get your lashes inserted, you’re not supposed to wash your face or expose your eyes to any water for 24 hours, otherwise, your lashes won’t dry properly. So show up to your appointment showered and make up free! Also, avoid curling your natural lashes before your appointment, the crease will make it harder for the lash artist to apply your falsies. It’s also wise to avoid waterproof mascara a week before your appointment, as it leaves a film on your natural lashes that’ll prevent the fake lashes from adhering properly.

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